Secretary’s Report (Incorporating the Political Officers report)
31 March 2021
CWU and Proud
Great Western Branch AGM Agenda
31 March 2021

Great Western Branch Chair AGM Report 2021


2020/2021 has been some of the most difficult times for officers , Representatives and members for many years. We have had to deal with a pandemic and a massive attack by some of our largest employers. I believe that some of these companies have taken advantage of COVID 19 to speed up and advance their disgusting transformation programmes.

The officers have had a busy year having to work on getting several industrial action ballots through. With the greatest success. The RPE had two ballots with amazing results and also the National consultative ballot in BT which again showed the company that their employees are fed up with the race to the bottom and compulsory redundancies.

We started the last year with lots of new officers and representatives and I am pleased to report that we have filled all the posts over that time. The Branch Secretary is looking into a time table for the biannual officers elections which have been put back due to COVID and the logistics. As soon as conditions change we will begin the process.

The branch accounts have been audited for 2019/ 2020 and 2020/2021 and I would like to thank Glenn Morris for the work he has put into looking after the branch finances.

The branch has done well over the last year with proportionality , and has 4 woman on the committee. We also have a new LBGQ+ Officer and a new BAME officer. Welcome Emma and Charmaine.

The coming months are going to be a real test of Solidarity and a lot of hard work from all branch reps and workplace reps, we are going into a formal ballot for Strike action and we must deliver a massive YES vote . A thank you to all the members out there who have become the voice of the branch, we will keep you informed on the WhatsApp group of everything that is happening.

Finally I want to thank all officers for the hard work they have put in especially Neil Crothall our Branch Secretary who has worked tirelessly to bring the branch into the modern age especially in our media engagement with the help of Glenn Morris. Also for Neil’s dedication in bringing the officers together after a turbulent few years. We now have a great team who the branch members should be proud of, I am.

Paul Clark
Branch Chair