Financial Secretary’s Report
30 March 2021
30 March 2021

CWU Great Western Branch Auditors Report to 2020 Annual General Meeting

I conducted my audit of the Brach financial accounts during the week commencing 1st March 2021. I worked on the audit from home due to Coronavirus constraints. I followed the CWU HQ Branch financial audit check list as my guide in carrying out the audit.

I must place on record my thanks to Glenn Morris, Branch Treasurer. for his assistance in providing the relevant financial documents. I am also grateful to him for answering all my queries raised during the audit.

I found the sample of statement, and claims that I checked to be in order. The organisation of the accounts is much improved and has made it much easier to carry out the audit. I understand that the Branch Chairman does carry out regular checks of the Branch accounts. However, I have a number of recommendations I wish make as a result of my audit.

I would recommend that the Branch formulates a code of practice on the claiming of expenses. There is a need for a standard process in making expense claims.

This should include a standard claim form. I found four different types of form in use at present. There should be an agreed time scale for the inputting of claims. ideally on a weekly basis.

I would also recommend that any financial claim or donation made by the Branch as a result of an agreed Branch decision should the a voucher with the appropriate meeting minute authorising the payment attached to it

I noted that a number of payments had been made for consultancy services. I was unable to find any branch policy governing these types of payments and I would recommend that the Branch committee urgently deals with putting a suitable policy in place.

It is good to see the use of the Branch funds in supporting effective campaigns during the last year. I also noted the large spend on Covid related items.

In conclusion. I consider from my audit on behalf of the Branch members that the Branch has a good system of financial checks and balances in place and overall the finances are in very good order. I must again thank the treasurer, Glenn Moms for his support in completing the audit.

Yours fraternally,
Bob Hope
Branch auditor.