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The scourge of compulsory redundancy arrived in BT Group in Bristol at 12 noon this Wednesday. FOUR team member jobs in Fixed Assets and more in BDUK are being axed and in the case of fixed assets off shored which is an outrage!

I would now like to know what my union is going to do to fight this abomination! Our members have every right to expect to be treated in a proper and right fashion.

We have brought BT through one of the most horrific pandemics in living memory, we all, day in and day out give of our all for our customers and THIS is how BT is treating us? THIS NEEDS TO STOP AND STOP NOW!!!! I and countless thousands of our members need to know what the CWU is going to do - I would like to know WHEN we are going to ballot for industrial action, because, lets be very clear about this, the ONLY thing that is going to stop this terrible situation is the threat of a national all-out strike. Waving banners around outside of BT Centre or BT Tower isn't going to cut it, WE NEED TO TAKE THE FIGHT TO BT NOW!! If we fail to do this, lets not beat around the bush, BT is going to continue to destroy our members livelihoods and careers and for what? A few pound saved on the balance sheet?

All I am hearing from the NEC is that “everyone needs to be onboard before we ballot”.  My question is, why wouldn’t they be?, this effects us all, every single one of us.   The CWU has ALWAYS maintained that even ONE compulsory redundancy would trigger a national ballot for strike action! Well, promise is now starting to sound very hollow. Our members need to know you are going to make good on this promise!!!  Why the delay?

If we fail our members over this it will be a sad day for the CWU and will very likely trigger a mass exodus, I mean, if our union can’t be seen to be fighting at a time like this, then frankly what’s the point.  So come on, give us some comfort, WHEN ARE WE GOING TO BALLOT, if you leave it too long I and countless others will be gone!! We are relying on you to SAVE OUR JOBS!! ACT NOW BEFORE ITS TO LATE!!! PLEASE RESPOND NEC! #CountMeIn

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